Healthy, enviromental, fast, quality and comfort food

We created a menu of Norwegian street food, based on the history and products of the country, fresh, healthy and overall comfort food for everyone.

 Featured Dishes


Fresh and tasty salats for the ones that want something light but filling, a whole combination of all types of flavours no matter if you choose meat, fish or vegan.


The most signature Norwegian street food that we have created, for the base we use lompe from Roxxman Bakery, and we will fill it with your prefered choice of meat or fish together with your vegetables and your sauce, a whole meal on your hands.   


The all in one meal, choose your favourite style of potatoe, continue with the type of meat or fish, also your vegetables and finish with the sauce, tasty and healthy options that adapt to everyones wishes.   

Other plates

Here we will go from the most classics like the fish soup to the most forbidden like our gluten free fried chicken with fries and dip, because in the street you see all types of things.