Open from 12.00-21.00 

We open Eigra Street with the dream of reaching out to more people with our vision of the Norwegian "street food"

Our team

After years working together and creating Eigra Kjøkken & Bar we decided to grow more and to look at the future and advance, we decided for a concept that would reach everybody and that would talk about Norwegian food history with our twist, we have fun together, and like for our customers to have fun with us, so why not to make the most informal type of restaurant, the most rebel version of ourselves, afterall we grew up in the kitchen, and we grew up in the streets, so we want to show it .

Our food our vision

We try to transmit everything we can on a plate, comfort, history, character and our background. We decided to venture ourselves onto not serving street food from other countries, we wanted to make the Norwegian street food... But after thinking deeply about it... we weren't sure what that would be so we had to look back, what does Norway have and it is famous for? Fish! healthy, fresh, from proximity and sustainable! Now, work on that. What way of serving it would make it more Norwegian and would allow anyone to eat it while walking or with their hands? Potatoe? Yes! Lompe, why not? after all it is a challenge, and boy... we love a good challenge, if not why do we work in the kitchen? and so we began to work on our recepies and the best way to serve it, never forgeting our background for the little twist here and there. 

We start something here, with good faith, i mean what is the worse that can happen? that some day, in many years, we go to Japan and instead of sushi we find a Nor-Mat restaurant? maybe in Mexico instead of tacos? we have their food here, why can't we dream that our food goes there? 

Dream big man!!

Best regards.
Team Eigra Street